My Holiday Gift to You

Like many others, I find the holidays stressful (and also wonderful and great but also stressful). Because I am a big nerd, one of my favourite ways to destress is to listen to calming music while looking at photos of Earth from space. I find it calming, and it puts things in perspective. So, here is some calming music by Erik Satie from YouTube, followed by lots and lots of photographs from space.

The following were taken by astronaut Karen Nyberg:

249074_686867278004674_43463452_n 578503_671095232915212_67299419_n 969991_643047979053271_1295517156_n 972366_664540873570648_2117357407_n 996802_635103789847690_95326712_n 1069243_688577837833618_2079476988_n 1148764_647183041973098_115586520_n 1150962_657321864292549_1092255366_n 1377019_677757188915683_1939396484_n 1395260_680981131926622_906448736_n 1455051_694504480574287_1360623452_n 1461681_695685773789491_329890731_n 1467364_696235680401167_2118583942_n 61688_640883522603050_1053672033_n


And here are some from astronaut Chris Hadfield:

andes-clouds-935 hadfield_ireland_storm.jpg.CROP.original-original hadfield_japan_iceswirls.jpg.CROP.original-original hadfield_richat.jpg.CROP.original-original hadfield-1_2560686k hadfield-2_2560689k hadfield-boston_2561076k island-glint-935sun-1367946295wind-sand-935564125_586036164747458_1680788151_nmoonrise-935

…I feel calmer just from making this post.

There are thousands (maybe millions) of similarly amazing photos from these astronauts and several others, but I can’t post them all here. If you want more, I’d recommend checking out the twitter feeds of the astronauts recently or currently in space: Chris Hadfield, Karen Nyberg, Luca Parmitano, Mike Hopkins, Rick Mastracchio, and Koichi Wakata.

I’ll leave you with my favourite photograph of all time, Earthrise:


I hope you have a happy, low-stress, and space-filled holiday season!


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